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Channel Management

Expanding your Sales Reach and Your Revenues

We assist you in developing a Channel strategy and program that is

  • Innovative,
  • Cutting edge and
  • Results-oriented

that leverages the strengths and market momentum of your company to generate:

  • significant near-term and overall long-term revenue and
  • a dramatic, upward shift in the mix of partner-leveraged revenue

 Using Alliances, we will propel you:

  • Broader and deeper into existing sales territories.
  • Into larger customer accounts.
  • Into new geographic territories.
  • Into new vertical industry sectors.

Why Channel Programs Fail

  • Built from the needs of the company rather than from the solution and support needs of the customer.
  • Developed as a tactical “alternative” to “direct” sales instead of as an integrated component of organizational strategy.
  • Lack true executive commitment and sponsorship (and thus, support from the rest of the organization).
  • Tracked by ineffective measurement systems that don’t provide predictable revenue views and links into ROI.
  • Ineffective strategic leverage of organizational and partner resources because they are bolted together tactically.
  • Insufficient communication methods and mechanisms.
  • Chew up company resources because they are tactically driven and not supported by process.
  • Poor integration with other channel partners’ products and services

An innovative service from The Warren Company

  • Based on leading edge thought leadership and expert experience in the field of organizational partnering.
  • Comprehensively links a strategic approach to channel development into cross-functional company and business strategies and objectives.
  • Built on a foundation of proven processes, systems, methods and best practices.
  • Measured by our proven Channel Metrics System.
  • Provides tangible motivation for executive commitment and sponsorship.
  • Maximizes the lessons learned from the years of high tech hyper growth and the meltdown.
  • Builds vital bridges between strategy and execution.

We help our clients build and implement an innovative new channel program, called WaveLink.

WaveLink is designed in a modular approach delivered in a “spiral development” methodology to ensure highest impact in the shortest possible timeframe.

While each WaveLink program is customized for your specific situation, a typical program is often comprised of modules:

    • Module 1: Channel Diagnostic
    • Module 2: Channel Pipeline Traction
    • Module 3: Channel Strategy and Program Development
    • Module 4: Executive Sponsorship

Each of the program modules will be measured and monitored by our proprietary Channel and Alliance Metrics System. All program elements will leverage the latest thinking in alliance and channel best practices.


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