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Our Alliance Mission

  • Build World Class Strategic Alliance Capabilities
    that produce extraordinary and lasting results:
    Growth Profitability Competitive Advantage

Our Value Proposition

  • Create 70-90% success rates for alliances
  • Double your Flow of Innovation from Outside Sources
  • Build Unassailable Competitive Advantage
  • Become “Partner of Choice”
  • Create a Vital Source of New Revenues
  • Impact the Bottom Line Dramatically

We’re the experts companies turn to when seeking leading ideas, practices, and applications for Strategic Alliance Excellence. For 20 years we have provided clients with workable solutions when two or more  organizations are linked together in an alliance, joint venture, supply chain, outsourcing, or collaborative  network.

Our team of experienced coaches with
extensive operational experience
 knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Strategic Alliances -- The Next Generation
See how our Collaborative Innovation Architecture TM
is revolutionizing the way people think of alliance

Choose an Issue that Meets Your Needs

We provide a full range of services to assist companies. Pick an area to see what we might be able to do for you:


  • Create Powerful Alliance Strategies
  • Build Alliance Capability & Teamwork
  • Revitalize Marginal Relationships
  • Drive Innovation through Alliances
  • Negotiate Alliances Effectively
  • Convince Senior Executives
  • Put Effective Metrics in Place
  • Become Partner of Choice
  • Improve Alliance Performance
  • Diagnose Alliance Health
  • Form an Alliance
  • Choose the Right Alliance Personnel
  • Boost Channel & Go-To-Market Alliances
  • Optimize Supply Chain & Outsourcing Relationships
  • Structure an Alliance to Win
  • Build or Manage an Alliance Portfolio

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Get your alliance up and running quickly
Learn About our Fastartsm Alliance Launch Program

Revitalize existing alliances turning them into high performers
Learn About our Strategic RelationShiftsm Program

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