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Strategic Alliance Experts, Collaborative Innovation

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We are happy to announce a New Generation for The Warren Company focused on
Collaborative Excellence
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Readiness Assessment

Purpose: Determine how well an organization is Strategically & Attitudinally poised to initiate a Full-Scale Alliance Program

Key Issues Addressed

  • Senior Management's Commitment regarding alliances as a Powerful strategy for Success
  • Middle Management's Understanding of Alliance Principles for Success
  • Business Development’s Methodology & Support for Alliances Formation
  • History of Success or Failure of Alliances and JVs
  • Senior Management’s Comfort with Shared Control
  • Legal, Supply, & Marketing’s experience & understanding of Alliance Relationships
  • Review Current Policy and Program Directives for
    Alliance Impact
  • Alignment of Metrics & Rewards to Strategic Goals
  • Benchmark Current Methods & Practices of Forming & Managing External Relationships
  • Level of Vision & Expectation for Potential Impact of External Relationships

 Capability Assessment 

Purpose: Determine whether your internal team has the Skills and Abilities to initiate and carry out Effective Alliance Formation & Management

Key Issues Addressed

  • Examine skills level of key personnel against professional alliance development standards
  • Business Integration
  • Cultural Integration
  • Relationship Management
  • Alliance Metrics
  • Best Practices
  • Trust Building
  • Partner Advocacy
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Assess staffing requirements for carrying out strategic alliance program goals
  • Determine budget requirements for attaining key alliance program goals
  • Determine if sufficient alliance champions exist to support & sustain anticipated alliances
  • Assess HR’s understanding of alliances to support the recruitment, selection, retention, and career paths of alliance management
  • Analyze Gaps/Consequences between current capabilities and future requirements

 Alliance Health Diagnostic

Purpose: Determine how well one or more alliances are functioning based on Benchmarked Measurements of Best Practice Success Dimensions

Key Issues Addressed (Example)

  • Strategic Fit:
  • Future Vision & Value Proposition
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Customer’s Needs
  • Chemistry - Cultural Fit
  • Trust, Culture, & Teamwork
  • Quality of Relationships
  • Alignment of Values
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Operational Fit
  • Systems Integration
  • Performance Processes
  • Integrative Mechanisms
  • Fast Time Implementation
  • Alignment of Systems, Processes, Structures
  • Priority Alignment
  • Innovation
  • Cost Impacts
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic Return on Investment
  • Financial Return
  • Market Impact
  • Innovative Capacity
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Survey Feedback & Action Planning to address critical deficiencies

Strategic Portfolio Analysis

Purpose: Examine the full range of Alliances, Acquisitions, Supply & Channel Relationships to determine how well Competitive Advantage is Optimized

Key Issues Addressed

  • Alignment of Current Portfolio to Strategic & Financial Goals
  • Becoming “Partner of Choice”
  • Developing Innovation Flows from Outside Sources
  • Portfolio Impact on Revenues & Profits
  • Generate “Invisible” Competitive Advantages
  • Criteria for Managing the Build, Buy, Ally Decision
  • Creating a Value Chain/Network with key Leverage, Speed & Power Nodes/Flows
  • Mapping the Portfolio against a Value Migration Evolutions
  • Handling issues of Multiple Relationships with same company (partner, supplier, customer, & competitor)
  • Strategic Scenario Mapping
  • Strategies & Stratagems for Unique Competitive Advantage
  • Supporting Business Unit Success
  • Advanced Positioning in Market Space
  • Using Alliances as Prelude to an Acquisition
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