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Comments from Scientific Leaders

Your Collaborative Innovation Architecture has been extraordinarily valuable in helping our research team work together and with other organizations in the public and private sector. We were able to put the ideas and architectures to use immediately. Thank you. -- Director General, Canadian Natural Resources Research Centre

I'm happy to report that you had great impact on our research staff.  Since the course, our internal team has been very cooperative. Others began providing new ideas the minute we got back. Our leaders are actively engaged now and came to me energized and ready to get going!!   Small miracles can happen!   Thanks for your passion and drive! -- Senior Strategic Planning Advisor, Research Staff

Extremely insightful and valuable. I’ve used these approaches during the last two months, with great results. -- Senior Director, Foundation for Health Research

Comments from Scientists

Excellent, Well done!

Enriching anecdotes were beneficial to my learning.

Significant content, and a process with tool-kit.

Everyone needs to understand the power potential of alliances and collaborative innovation and how to do them well.

The Trust Architecture touched my head and heart!

Right On!

One of the best programs I’ve taken in my career.

Great program, more background info provided in the handbook compared to other courses (good deal!).

It is a very practical course and Robert did a very good job encouraging everybody to engage in the planning sessions.

Feedback from the One- Hour Executive Briefing

Today, the value of the Institute became real for me. The session with Robert Porter Lynch was timely, relevant and insightful. He is a very compelling speaker with high-quality content. It was a tremendously valuable session for me personally and for my colleagues who also attended. We intend to talk about the presentation and what we learned at our next leadership team meeting. I found myself wishing others had been present to hear the presentation and consider its implications to the work and challenges we face here.

Alliances as Engines of Innovation
for Research Science Centers

Trends and Forces

  • The most impactful future breakthroughs in science & technology will be NOT WITHIN fields of science, but BETWEEN fields
  • Change, Complexity, and Speed are increasing at an exponential rate, making it essential to create faster and faster.
  • Innovation comes from Differentials in Thinking, and the Edges of Eco-Spheres, thus it’s essential to engage with thought-centers outside your normal internal team.
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Examples & Application

  • The Human Genome Project is a perfect example of the need and value of bringing together a creative team from biology, chemistry, and computer systems to create “bio-informatics”
  • Applications of Alliances as Engines of Innovation include:
      • Bio-Pharma
      • Medical Devices
      • Energy Systems
      • High Tech Integrated Solutions & Services
      • Research, Development & Commercialization
      • Systems Integration
      • Strategic Alliances between Government & Private Sector
      • Procurement of Technology & Innovation


  • All too often, differentials in culture and thinking collide, causing organizational and personal relationship fractures that bring innovation to a grinding halt.
  • Sharing intellectual property can become a massive impediment to joint development as legal strategies emphasis defend and protect, rather proliferate and regenerate.
  • Distrust can often be the highest barrier, especially in the absence of any foolproof methodology for creating and sustaining trust.

Collaborative Innovation Architecture

  • Our “architecture” is a highly integrated and systematic approach using strategies, solutions, structures, best practices, principles, and processes that emanate from our deep work in Strategic Alliances, Joint Innovation, and Trust Building. It consists of several critical elements, including:
      • Rationale for Collaborative Innovation – Why it’s worth the effort
      • Establishing the Strategic Imperative for Joining/Aligning Forces
      • Innovation Leadership & Building Trust for Co-Creation
      • Addressing Legal, Contractual, and Intellectual Property Issues
      • Designing an Organizational Structure & Collaborative Culture
      • Key Performance Processes for Breakthrough Innovation
      • Aligning Metrics & Rewards to assure successful joint effort
      • Diagnostic Systems to assess continued success

Capability Building Program

We offer this program to your work teams (either internally or with your research partners). We transfer best practices through a workshop approach that builds capability by providing:

  1. key frameworks,
  2. best practices, and
  3. tool-kits, then immediately
  4. applying these to real-life situations to drive the learning directly to actual applications.

This sequence has proven extremely effective in retention of learning and creating useful competence.

Agenda – Two-Day Program Format

Part One : Rationale for Strategic Alliances & Collaborative Innovation

  • Impact of Paradigm Shifts
  • Networks Require Loose & Tight linkages
  • Innovation: more than Invention
  • Six Types of Innovation
  • Using Differentials in Thinking
  • Collaborative Innovation Obstacles
  • Multi-Modal Co-Creation
  • Power of Hybridization
  • Innovation at Edges of Eco-Systems

Part Two: Architecture of Alliances & Collaborative Innovation

  • Types of Collaborative Action
  • Strategic Imperative
  • Leadership, Relationships, & Trust
  • Legal, Negotiations, & IP Regeneration
  • Organization Design, Culture, & Integration
  • Performance Processes
  • Econometrics & Rewards

Part Three: How to Engage

  • What’s Missing?
  • What’s Possible?
  • Shifts in Thinking Required?
  • Priorities & Next Steps
  • Recommendations, Requests, and Advocacy
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