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Executive Briefing for Senior Executives

Are You Positioned to Win?

 The Executive Briefing is designed to provide Strategic Insight and Key Factors for Success to those Senior Level Executives who are poised to make critical decisions about launching Alliances and Collaborative Innovation Program

This is a typical program outline.
Each program is custom designed
to fit the unique needs of the client company

4 Hours
(also available in 2/3 and 1 day formats)

     8:00 am       The Strategic Imperative:

          • Why Innovation is the most sustainable competitive advantage

          The Rationale:

          • Why Alliances are a major force field in Innovation

          The Key Factors for Success:

          • What the Best companies have done

          Review of 12 Key Findings

          • Why these findings will change the way you think about business
          • Implications for Your Business Strategy, Organization, & Operations
          • Wall Street – What they like & What they won’t know

     9:15            How to beat the Competition with Hidden Weapon

          • Doubling Power of Innovation with Little or No Investment
          • The Invisible Power of Process
          • Linking the Value Chain
          • Using Supply & Outsourcing Resources

     10:00        Key Elements of a Engines of Innovation Program

          •         Strategy
          •         Leadership & Relationships
          •         Legal & Contractual Issues
          •         Organizational Frameworks
          •         Performance Processes
          •         EconoMetrics

    11:00                Launching an Engine of Innovation Program

          • How and Where to Start
          • Setting Innovation as a Priority & Program of Action
          • Getting Pilot Programs Operational
          • Role of Corporate Executives
          • Anointing Innovation Champions

    11:30                Combating the Difficulties

          • What will kill the program, and how to thwart these forces
          • Some Critical Do’s & Don’ts

    11:45                Wrap-up

          • Conclusions & Recommendations
          • Commitments & Next Steps
          • Key Responsibilities

Comment from Senior Executive at large chemical company:
 “I just came back from a one week program at Harvard Business School on strategic alliances. I got more from this session. Thank you.”

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