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A Small Sampling of the Thousands of People who have experienced our programs

Recent Feedback from one of our Collaborative Innovation workshops in Silicon Valley:

  • This gives me a new way for forward. I now know the roadmap to be a proactive Champion of Innovation
    -- Patrick Hehir, Vice President, Strategic Innovation, Flextronics
  • Really opened my eyes to a brighter world. I came away really understanding how I can impact a greater sphere beyond those I have been collaborating with both internally and externally.Frankly, I was truly inspired... It was dead on.
    -- Dr. Malcolm De Leo, Director of Alliances & Technology Development, Clorox
  • The Workshop gave me a whole new insight and empowered me to stop critiquing what's wrong and lead my organization to a bold new future
    -- James Reeds, President, Silicon Valley Institute for Supply Management
  • I was captivated the entire day.
    -- Dr. Howard Lieberman, Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Innovation Institute
  • This gives a whole new strategic imperative to our profession. Well Done!
    -- Dr. David Burt, Chairman, University of San Diego Supply Chain Management Institute.
  • One of the best I’ve ever attended. A good model to follow in the future.
    -- Dr. Edward Zabrycki, Professor, Supply Chain Management, St. Mary's College
  • An eye opener to some of the practices and mindsets associated with innovative thinking. I truly enjoyed our accelerated session, thank you.
    -- Ken Karp, Connectivity Management, Wells Fargo

Recent Feedback from one of our Collaborative Innovation workshops in Canada:

      • Superb! Excellent Content
      • Great info on a fresh new topic
      • Made me think, A great learning experience
      • Great Work! Well Organized
      • Completely Shifted my thinking
      • One of the best programs ever attended

What attendees of our Action-Planning Workshops have said:

    • “You just saved us a lot of money”
    • “Everyone who touches a customer or supplier should go through this program”
    • “Learned more in this two days than in a week at (Prestigious Name Withheld) business school”
    • “I applied the ideas to one of our most critical business relationships the next day and it turned the entire situation around”
    • “Inspiring and immediately useful”
    • “Far exceeded my expectations”
    • “The best seminar of its type I’ve seen in my 20 years in this company”
    • “Insights were most helpful”
    • “Great work and very appreciated! Wonderful Presentation!”
    • “Techniques & Pitfalls that can be applied to existing and future business relationships that we are working with...The program was very helpful and useful”.
    • “Extremely interesting, thoughtprovoking and helpful!

Here is More feedback from a recent (Feb 2009) senior level 2 day program that focused on integrating Alliances, Collaborative Innovation, and Trust

    • Extremely pertinent, very well delivered.  Interesting historic quotes.  Tangible case study related to theory.  Best training session ever…
    • Enlightening and empowering.  Good real world examples used to illustrate concepts
    • Excellent course, very relevant and well delivered.  Would recommend this course to all Managers and Supervisors.
    • This course is a source of many great ideas and concepts.  Fresh way of doing business.  Pertinent real world. 
    • Excellent tool that will synergize alliance upon the establishment of a support foundation.
    • Every person at our organization should take this course.  Excellent.
    • Excellent contents.  Outstanding lecturer, many real life examples which illustrate the theory very well.  Thanks Robert!
    • Very informative – the entire organization should take it.
    • Excellent.  Provided great material to think about & act upon to improve collaboration & innovation in the Branch.
    • Very interesting session and excellent, knowledgeable resource.  Particularly valuable to have peers in same branch as well as colleagues from sister organizations in same session.  Led to very good group discussions.
    • Excellent.  Need to get this out wider set of employees and partners.  This has the potential to transform our work if we act.
    • Should be taken by all.  Excellent presentation on the need for trust.  Excellent instructor.
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