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Power of Collaborative Innovation

During our recent research, we asked scores of executives: “What is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage?” The conclusion was quite revealing. We found a wide concurrence among senior executives with this statement:

In a Fast Moving, Rapidly Changing World, the Most Sustainable Source of
Competitive Advantage is -- Collaborative Innovation.

Simply put, Collaborative Innovation is the most robust and regenerative way to create true value and growth.

Definition of Collaborative Innovation

We define Collaborative Innovation as:

  • The recursive interaction of co-creativity, knowledge, and mutual learning between two or more people working together toward a common goal of generating new sources of growth or wealth in an organization

The Next Generation: Doubling the Value with Innovation Alliances

Building on our learnings and research, we’ve developed a new architecture that consistently generates innovation across organizational boundaries.

By capitalizing on the “synergy of compatible differences,” alliances hold unique potential as engines of innovation, enabling the transformation of new ideas into new products, services, and solutions.

We’ve carefully analyzed the unique and compelling characteristics that drive innovation alliances and developed a revolutionary Collaborative Innovation ArchitectureTM which will, when applied masterfully, produce consistent, high quality, high performance relationships that not only last, but actually enable alliances to prosper, regenerate and transform as conditions change, promising to double the value gained from your trans-organizational relationships

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    • Case:  Innovation between Bio-Tech Firms and Global Pharmaceutical company
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    • Case:  Reorientation of Global Procurement to establish flow of Innovations from Suppliers
    • Case:  Alliance between two Global High Tech companies to focus on new joint innovations
    • Case: Joint Venture between Two Leading Arch-Competitors in Financial Services Sector
    • Case: Strategic R&D Suppliers to Large Chemical Company

We have successfully completed the roll-out of our Alliances as Engines of Innovation program for Scientific Research Centers.
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