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September 09, 2008

A Personal Message

To All my Friends, Colleagues and Clients,

Please pardon my lateness getting back to you. The last several weeks, while dodging several near-miss hurricanes(Fay, Gustav, and Ike that fortunately did no damage, but required preparations) I have had book-writing deadlines, client deadlines, and a ping-pong travel schedule that, frankly left me a bit exhausted at times. This was one of those summers that had no vacation or time-off, but was highly productive.

Two very important breakthroughs resulted from all this work:

  1. System of Trust" whose architecture is scaleable from one-on-one to innovation teams to intra-organizational structures to alliances.
    This new approach to trust has already produced some extraordinary results for those who've used it. Given how important trust is to our alliance and innovation work, this could have a significant impact on your own efforts within companies.
  2. "Collaborative Innovation Negotiations" -- a new and better alternative to the more common "Win-Win" interests-based negotiations.
    Traditional win-win was as a result of labor-management and strategic arms strife, and then adapted to buyer-vendor and alliance relationships.
    Our new approach was designed from the ground up based on our best-practice analysis of alliances and collaborative innovation systems, thus giving it an potency in the world of collaborative relationships.

When the System of Trust is combined with Collaborative Innovation Negotiations, some powerful shifts can occur in both personal and organizational relationships. 

I look forward to working with you during these exciting and imaginative times ahead.

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