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Building a System of Trustsm

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Forthcoming Book:
Trusted to Lead
for publication in 2013

authored by Robert Porter Lynch

Trust underpins all cooperative enterprise: collaborative innovation, teamwork, strategic alliances, leadership, and negotiations. However, all too often trust is an issue that lurks in the shadows of other discussions, only raising its angry voice when it feels violated.

With our System of Trust, we have given an architecture and language to this highly impactful issue.

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Where there is No Vision, Everything Defaults to Politics

We have developed and tested a very powerful trust-building methodology that promises to give companies, teams, alliances, and personal relationships a whole new capacity to create powerful levels of trust.

Leadership is a critical element of any Trust Building Strategy

We have pioneered key Leadership approaches that produce high levels of trust and performance.

  • Synergistic Leadership
  • Championing Alliances & Innovation

The System of Building Trust® consists of:

    • Balancing Self Interest versus Greater Good
    • Honorable  Purpose
    • Integrity and Values
    • Spectrum of Trust
    • Levels/Scale of Trust Relationships
      • Trust Busters
      • Trust Stages/Builders
    • Laws of Trust See More
    • Principles of Trust
    • Trust Rebuilding Methodology
    • 20 Point Trust Diagnostic

 Stay tuned for more information. Call us if you want to shift the level of trust that underpins your cooperative relationships.

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Trusted to Negotiate Brochure
Trusted to Innovate Brochure
Economics of Trust

Trust plays a massive role in the ability to generate innovation flows, reduce costs, and increase profitability.* We have developed a breakthrough approach to the “Economics of Trust.”

* to see how trust impacts Auto Manufacturers, read the fascinating 2004 report Poor Relationships Costing US Auto-makers by Planning Perspectives, Inc which prophesizes the demise of the U.S Auto Industry

Download PDF Chapter on Trust from forthcoming book on “Cooperative Entrepreneurship”

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