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Our Mission

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  • To Create Breakthrough Results in Innovation
      by using the Architectures of
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Collaborative Innovation, and
    • Systems of Trust

  thus producing enormous competitive advantages for our clients.

Our Value Proposition:

Our value proposition is simple:

For Innovation-focused projects, we will --

  1. 1) Double your Innovation Stream from your
              external value chain
    2) Add Substantially to Revenues
    3) Add Substantially to Profits
    4) Create a "Hidden Competitive Advantage" your
         competitors will find quite difficult to match

For Alliance-focused projects, we will

  1. Provide a 70-80% success rate
  2. Cut the time to put an alliance together in half
  3. Produce High Performance from the Alliance
  4. Create an unassailable competitive advantage from your network of alliances

Our Focus:

      We focus not on specialized technology, but the


Used to Manage the Generation of Innovation Across Organizational Boundaries

Our Approach:


We specialize in helping companies create Innovation where Differing Fields of Specialization, Organizations, or Systems must come together to capitalize on the “Synergy of Compatible Differences” to enable Innovation to flourish.

Most of our work occurs in situations that requires professional expertise in Collaborative Innovation, strategic alliances, business development, and supply chain management.


Our Team:

Our team of experienced professionals have all had years of operational experience before we began our careers in the “consulting” business.

We actually don’t think of ourselves as consultants in the normal sense of the term, but more as coaches of extraordinary people.

We seek to make you and your team fully capable of performing at a world class level. It is our goal to build your capabilities.

Typical Assignment:


  • We take on projects as short as one day or as long as one year.
  • We work with small developing companies, mid-sized companies, as well as the larger firms, such as the Fortune 50.
  • We guide and assist government agencies when they have a bold new vision and a group of internal champions willing to create a new future.
  • Our criteria for taking on an assignment is not the size of the company, but the strength of management’s support for making a commitment to world-class excellence.


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