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Strategic RelationShiftTM

Strategic RelationShift Brochure

Revitalize Your Existing Alliance with a New Vision and Energy

Re-Align on Powerful Strategies for Mutual Success

Achieve a new level of Communication, Cooperation,and Effectiveness
       between alliance partners

Discover how to rebuild your alliance to achieve a New Vision

Strategic RelationShift Brochure

       and Renewed Energy & Commitment

Read Feedback from a recent
Strategic RelationShift Program

Develop a new standard of excellence and mutual benefit for you
     and  your alliance partners

Read Representative Feedback from a broad cross section of 
Strategic RelationShift Programs

The unique & unparalleled value we provide:

  • Accuracy of Diagnosis
  • Rapid Gathering of Data & Feedback
  • Speed of Implementation
  • Targeting of Critical Factors
  • Affordable Pricing Structure
  • High Success Rate
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– for Alliances requiring a Performance Boost


Strategic RelationShiftTM is systematic shift in strategic architecture, quality of the human interactions, and performance of an alliance.

The result of years of intense research, analysis, and application of the most advanced methods in alliance formation and management, Strategic RelationShiftTM transforms existing alliances into powerful performers by synergistically integrating the critical three dimensions of "fit" which are essential to alliance success:

  • 1) Strategic Fit,  2) Chemistry Fit, 3) Operational Fit.
  • First, we shift the Strategic Impact by applying the elements of best practices in strategic alliance architecture

    Second, we shift the Chemistry Interactions by using the most advanced processes developed for high performance teams

    Third, we shift the Operational Capabilities by applying the most dynamic and powerful breakthrough project mechanisms capable of generating quantum leaps in performance

    This program is particularly effective for alliances with conflict or inadequate results, or when the market potential is so great that a breakthrough in the team's performance is required.

Alliance Transformation

for Alliances requiring Repositioning, Restructuring, or Rebuilding


  • for alliances where the competitors, customers, or technologies have changed, which requires a major shift in thinking about where the alliance is headed
  • Strategic Repositioning of the Value Proposition and the Customer Product/Service Delivery


  • for alliances where the balance/distribution of risks and rewards is not longer fair, motivation has diminished because people are not adequately rewarded
  • Win-Win Balance must be restored, Legal Agreements may be obsolete for the current conditions, Financial Incentives should be changed


  • for alliances where the Relationship between the companies is severely strained
  • Blaming is prevalent
  • Conceptually the Alliance is still great, but there is little trust
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