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We are happy to announce a New Generation for The Warren Company focused on
Collaborative Excellence
Please stay tuned while we redesign this website to align with our alliance partner
International Collaborative Leadership Institute


Here’s where to find our public courses open to Executives

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Sauder School of Business
Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances
For Private Sector Executives

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Stoller School of Business
Building Strategic Relationships
For Public Sector
Assistant Deputy Ministers

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USD LogoSupply Chain Management Institute
For Supply Chain Professionals
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Read our Featured Article Leadership and the Structure of Trust in the May-June 2011 Edition of the European Business review online

European Business Review

Here are links to organizations we work with closely:

Winslow LogoThe Winslow Group is our Canadian Affiliate, which combines the use of best practice architecture in Collaborative Innovation and Lean Methods to help its clients focus on supplying their customers, on time, at the right cost, with the right quality, the first time and every time. We work with our clients to assist them in building a corporate culture of continuous improvement where everyone in the organization is focused on the elimination of waste everywhere along the value chain while adding value for their customers. Our value proposition is to build capability within an organization so that it is self-sustaining in its lean journey.

ASAP1Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals: For anyone who wants to know how to form and manage alliances, this organization is the world leader. This site has a large collection of best practices for strategic alliances, and enables certification of alliance professionals. The world’s best alliance companies are members, thus it provides an exceptional network of alliance-oriented people with world-class standards. The Warren Company is was a founding member and has been a global sponsor for over 10 years.

Trust Tour Trust Tour: Trust is the basis for everything See the progress Todd Welch is making bringing trust to the world. Much of our success is based on how much we trust or don’t trust ourselves. When I realized just how important trust was in my life, I decided there was nothing better I could do then to focus on it, hence the launch of the tour. Every day at 1:20 in the afternoon I will post a story, a thought, an interview or a poll on trust. I know that sounds a little crazy but since we are on the Trust Tour, lets start our relationship with honesty, I am a little bit “different”. This commitment means I will need to document 1000 trust experiences before the end of the tour. The Trust Tour ends August 22nd 2012 at 1:20 PM (the date and time of my 50th birthday). Along the way I hope to inspire individuals, corporations, governments, teachers and students to raise the bar on trust and revolution the way we live our lives. To build trust you have to take a risk and I am willing to take that risk myself. I am asking you to take a small risk and join me so that together we might make a difference.AltaMont

 AltaMont Consulting Group works with organizations, senior executives and their teams creating and executing Strategy , Corporate Development Alliances Innovation with a goal: dedication to improving a client's productivity, innovation and performance by helping them capitalize on opportunities to reposition and realign their organization, creating precise actions aligned with that strategy, with an eye ready to see the opportunities that are clearly beginning to emerge, thus creating an organization focused on innovation and growth.

Alliance Best Practice Alliance Best Practice (ABP) is our United Kingdom based consultancy specialising in Strategic Alliance relationships. ABP associates are a group of international independent experts who each specialise in some aspect of strategic alliance formation, management or optimisation. ABP’s goal is to increase the knowledge and subsequent adoption of proven best practice principles to help our clients optimise their alliance relationships. The sole focus of the organisation is to help clients generate more value from their strategic alliance relationships through the discovery, dissemination and delivery of best practice.The firm is founded on 52 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that have been statistically proven to contribute to alliance success.The organisation's unique offering is a world class database of over 130,000 observations of alliance best practices in action generated from examining in depth over 300 companies in the last 7 years. mOn average we increase the commercial value of alliances between 250% and 650% for our clients within 18 months.

SVII LogoSilicon Valley Innovation Institutue: Its mission to bring innovation to a whole new level during the next decade, by focusing on a stronger of core management of innovation architectures to the business community, using alliances as Engines of Innovation, and making the innovation process more strategic and systematic. Principles of the Institute's Strategic Vision:

    • Company Valuation is dependent on innovation
    • Only Innovation-Driven Enterprises will Thrive
    • Innovation is not merely new products
    • Innovation must be company wide, not individual
    • Risk-Taking is an Asset not an Obstacle
    • The Ultimate Result of Innovation is Wealth Creation

Strategy of the DolphinStrategy of the Dolphin and Brain Technologies has developed superior frameworks for dealing with difficult organizational problems. Dudley Lynch’s brain mapping and reframing are essential for new innovation systems. Here are just a few comments from readers about Strategy of the Dolphin: I read this book when it first was published because I was in an executive position with a not for profit organization. Throughout the years I have referred to it and each time it has revealed another secret in my life style. .......Truly a keeper whether it is used for business or success in your personal endeavors. ... A life-changing book, This book provides value as a business strategy guide (for which it was written) and a life success guide. ....A framework for understanding the actions and motivations of people at a very simple level (sharks, carps and dolphins), and they offer clear tools for managing communications and conflicts. At a deeper level, this book provides a roadmap for understanding the maturing process of individuals and organizations, as they progress through the common challenges of learning and achievement -- from separating from our safety zones to gaining judgement and influence over the business and personal systems in which we exist. ... A fabulous book for anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective and genuinely useful tools for personal achievement. ....Years after I first read it, Strategy of the Dolphin still is one of my business and personal bibles.

Rhythm LogoRhythm of Business focuses on establishing and managing Collaborative Innovation Networks using best practices gleaned from around the world. Collaborating is the only realistic way to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing, global business environment. No one organization has the talent, the resources, or the time to innovate and succeed on their own. That is both the problem and the opportunity. Collaborating is theoretically easy, practically hard, and essential for success.

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